Welcome to My Website - Mad Scotsman's Games

Weclome to Mad Scotsman's Games, this site is run and managed by myself personally and I have a love for video games. As you can figure I am Scottish, and I love video games. My aim for this website of mine is basically to share, and spread love for games, reviews, my own personal opinions of consoles, games and the like and hopefully some day make a career out of it with a magazine or website. Asking a lot aren't I?
Well we can all dream.
Well I am going to add new game reviews to this site, as often as I can; and try to do this three times a week with updates. I want people to read them, and give them a try. Not only that, but for gamers to send me feedback regarding games, perhaps requests to review a game they want to know about; anything game related I will put on this site for everyone. You've probably guessed guys, this is a free blog creator, and until I get the money to buy a domain for my site I am piggybacking off of webnode. Well life is hard at times, but I hope you can bear with this and come to my site.
Guys I regularly use, view and review games on Gamespot.com and the ones on this site are from my profile Jock9 on Gamespot.com, so instead of me putting them all up on this site, I've put up the most recent games I've played and reviewed, and some classics. If you're interested in my other reviews have a look at my profile guys. Thanks.



Dishonored - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:37
Dishonored immediately took my interest when it came out last year, as a Steam-Punk set story of...

Far Cry 3 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:25
Far Cry 3 is an open-world extravaganza, with quests, missions, and so much content that it is...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:14
This is quite an old review of game from last year, it is from Gamespot.com but for others to get a...

Dead Space 3 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:02
Dead Space 3, well I was an avid fan of the franchise since the original game, and even of the...

Halo 4 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 13:54
The Halo series, so many installments ranging from the classic FPS format to even RTS formats, now...

Dead Island: Riptide - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 13:29
Well we knew it was coming; I'll admit it and put my hands up I was looking forward to the sequel...

I'm Launched!

19/05/2013 13:25
Mad Scotsman's Games has been launched.  To make you all come back for more, I will post my...