Dead Space 3 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:02
Dead Space 3, well I was an avid fan of the franchise since the original game, and even of the anime movies, comics and novels of the universe. I faithfully followed the franchise as a loyal fan, through its sequel of Dead Space 2, and finally to the most recent instalment of Dead Space 3. I have to say I am pleased with the word put into this sequel, and cannot fault the team behind it's making. Below is my review from under my profile of Jock9, have a read guys.
My Review For The Xbox 360 Version:
I was hooked from the moment Dead Space was released in 2008, on the promise of horror survival similar to the Resident Evil series. I loved the original Dead Space, and it's sequel of Dead Space 2. So I was immediately waiting hungrily for Dead Space 3 this year, upon it's release the game was slated by reviews that stated the game had gone in the direction of more common action-set games, and dropping a lot of the survival elements from the original.
Still I bought the game regardless of the bad reception the game received. Upon playing the game, I did notice the action elements were taking center stage in the game, over the survival elements I loved from the original. Still this did not faze me as if had fazed other fans of the series, yes it surprised me but it still held the qualities I fell in love with. Action sequences were still evident, surprise attacks and ambushes still haunted the corridors I transverse in the game.
I didn't feel disappointed as a huge of the game, as others were affected. In fact some new qualities in the game intrigued me, and gripped me. I found the crafting element, of upgrading and building weapons from scratch quite involving, and deep. The other quality was the idea of side-missions alongside your main objective, everything from discovering weapon caches, forgotten bunkers on the snow planet, and finding out the sordid history of the Markers. 
I found this quite an interesting element to add to this new instalment, and thoroughly enjoyed going out of my way, and doing other tasks instead of focusing on the main mission of the chapter. I also enjoyed the moments between Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford, and their romantic relationship strained since the events of Dead Space 2. Most would argue that the storyline was faltered, and weak at times, it was yet it was still understandable.
The Good:
- Isaac Clarke returns, with Ellie Langford in a new chapter of the franchise.
- Graphics are improved on in some areas, and some amazing set-pieces are a gem on the eyes.
- Crafting system of creating, upgrading and boosting weapons adds a new quality to the game adding a another reason to explore in order to find more powerful attachments for the weapons.
- Hours of game play, with missions and the addition of side missions, adding more game play and replay value.
- Expanding on upgrading armour, and equipment pushes you to find resources to purchase them.
The Bad:
- Graphics are improved, yet not as much as most fans expected from press releases, and trailers. 
- Game play is improved in areas, yet feels recycled from the original game and it's sequel.
- Action based game play, is acceptable yet I would have preferred the game to have stuck to the original horror survival elements of the original.
- Co-op doesn't add any value to the game, as most fans play the single player campaign solo.
- A lot of the game, felt recycled and reused from the original and it's sequel.
Dead Space 3 for some fans was a disappointment, yet for me personally as a fan of the franchise I found this instalment acceptable, if indeed at times I felt nothing had changed in this instalment and that the focus on action game play was a mistake. It's a fun shooter, and horror title to enjoy in the dark for both fans of the original and newcomers.

My Score: 8.0/10