Dishonored - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:37
Dishonored immediately took my interest when it came out last year, as a Steam-Punk set story of vengeance, murder and revenge. Dishonored is the spiritual sequel to the PC classic Deus Ex, in the form of it's setting, morality and choices that shape the entire game until it's very end. After I bought the game, I can honestly say I was pleasantly pleased with the game and it's replay value. 
My Review of The Xbox 360 Version:
Dishonored was one of those games that either went under a gamers radar, or just didn't receive the amount of advertisement as it should have. With other big titles coming out around the same time, its not a surprise it went unnoticed to some gamers. I feel this was unfair as Dishonored could easily give a bigger game such as Assassin's Creed 3 a run for value and its money.
What appealed to me was that Dishonored was made by Bethesda partially, and I have always loved their games especially their Fallout series. As the release date drew closer, I found out that the game would be set in an alternative world based around a Steam-Punk reality and this was perfect as a fan of Deus Ex.
When the game was released, I collected my copy the day of its release and played it immediately and I was impressed put simply. Alike to Deus Ex, the world of Dishonored was set in the fictional city of Dunwall that had become tainted with a violent, deadly plague carried by the city's rats. In this world you play Corvo Attano.
As the bodyguard to the Imperial Empress of the unnamed nation the city of Dunwall is in. You return from a secret mission given to you by the Empress herself, to find help from neighbouring nations to aid the country against the plague hitting it hard. As you return to give her your report, the Empress and her daughter the Imperial Princess. Long story short you are framed for the murder of the Empress herself, and the kidnapping of her daughter and Princess.
You are forced on the run, and into hiding to discover those behind this plot to take control of the nation following the Empress's death.
Corvo becomes an assassin, and your quest for revenge pushes you to hunt down those who are part of the plot.
Immediately you are hit by how free your character is to achieve objectives through any means; from stealth to actually full-out attacks. 
I liked this quality to Dishonored, as it truly felt as a tribute to Deus Ex with how you approach your objectives. 
Dishonored is not for the faint heart, it is dark and very violent set against desperate times of a plague and death. You come across people desperate on the streets for a cure or help, even coming across the final messages of the dead killed by the plague. This appealed to me, as I have never really been into light-heart games and I enjoy mature story lines.
The Good: 
- A dark, and mature themed storyline set in a Steam-Punk universe in tribute to games like Deus Ex.
- Multiple approaches to missions, and objectives ranging from silently knocking out targets to assassinating in private or in public.
- A great array of weapons to utilize, from assassin style crossbows to a good old fashioned cutlass. Different types of ammo for the crossbows, poisons, and even the use of black magic abilities.
- Optional objectives en route to your main objectives, that can change the course of the game or the mission.
The Bad:
- The only bad point of Dishonored for me personally, is simply the graphics appearing quite dated but even that doesn't spoil the fun of Dishonored.
Dishonored is a good addition to any gamers collection, especially those with avid memories of Deus Ex or perhaps Bethesda's own RPG titles. 

My Score: 8/10