Far Cry 3 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 14:25
Far Cry 3 is an open-world extravaganza, with quests, missions, and so much content that it is hours upon hours of gameplay, but is that really it's saving grace; to me personally it is missing a soul, if that is a the right wording. But still Far Cry 3 plays very well. Review below from my gamespot.com profile; Jock9.
My Review of The Xbox 360 Verson:
Far Cry 3 was talked about for months, being set on a island populated by pirates and psychotic militants where in a open-world you would do pretty much anything you wanted in it. I waited patiently for it, and when I finally bought it leading up to Christmas I was pleasantly appeased. 
Far Cry 3 throws you head-first into a world of violence, and insanity in the form of the occupants of a beautiful island who turn your holiday with friends on its head and kill your brother right in front of you. The first thing that hits you, is that you aren't a killing machine or a former soldier. You are the youngest brother of three on holiday with friends, who's never even held a gun in his life or even killed an animal before.
This puts you on a journey of self-discovery to find the strength within you to fight those who have kidnapped your friends and your brother, liberating the island from pirates and marauders for the natives of the island. Far Cry 3 puts you in a world, where you have to craft everything from weapons, to ammo pouches and medicines to heal yourself in battle. 
This is done by hunting animals for their hides, skins and insides to craft such items. You also scavenge for certain plants and flowers to make powerful medicines, and salves to lure animals to you. This in itself is quite a fun side-game, as it lasts for the whole duration of the game and it changes the game when you become bored of liberating outposts or hunting down targets. 
Then there are the side missions and quests you can undertake, that add even more hours of game play on top which are quite involving. Graphically in places the game shows its shortcomings, with such a large game play area on the island the graphics struggle at times but its playable. 
The Good:
- A rich, developed world open to you to explore. The entire island is open to you from the beginning of the game, and with so many places to explore there's hours alone here to enjoy.
- Vibrant characters to interact with, including enemies.
- A large selection of weapons to purchase, and upgrade.
- Crafting is a main point of Far Cry 3, allowing you to craft from hunting everything from weapon slings, to ammo pouches.
- Wide selection of side missions, quests and liberation missions add hours of more game play.
- Great soundtrack.
The Bad:
- Graphically the game struggles at time, with such a large world to play in there are times the graphics are bland, and unappealing.
Far Cry 3 I would advise to any fan of shooters, but also to those fans of open-world games where there are hours of game play in terms of replay, and exploration.

My Score: 8.5/10