Halo 4 - Review and Opinion

19/05/2013 13:54
The Halo series, so many installments ranging from the classic FPS format to even RTS formats, now instead of another installment set during the original Halo story-line, between the original and Halo 3, we have the first true sequel after Halo 3. I bought Halo 4 as my brother was bothering me for it, since he had been looking forward to it since it was announced. Anyway below is my Jock9 review of Halo 4, from my profile on Gamespot.com guys.


My Review:
I will admit I was skeptical about another Halo title being made, and released thinking it would only appease the hardcore fans that demanded it. Yet a family member appeased me, and told me to try it out telling me that Halo 4 was a more mature sequel, than the past titles in the series. The moment I put the disc into my console I was taken aback by a mature, and more adult storyline.
The graphics were improved, and the world of the Master Chief was more dreary and dark for our hero, an ancient enemy has awakened to face him. I had to admit I was thoroughly entertained by this new installment of an entirely new saga from 343 Industries. Game play was improved, gone by were the graphics of the older titles that gave them a cartoon like appearance.
Instead of only a few new weapons introduced into the older titles such as Halo: ODST and even Halo: Reach which only added a few new human and alien weapons. Halo 4 adds a few new Covenant weapons as well as human weapons, yet also a brand new selection of weapons from the ancient enemies, 'The Forerunners.'
The Good:
- A brand new installment of an entirely new saga, focused on the next chapter of the Master Chief's life.
- Graphics are improved, and given a more dreary, dark atmosphere.
- A new enemy to face, named the Forerunners as well as the arch-enemy of the Covenant once again.
- A new storyline and plot, with many new characters and events.
- A large selection of new weapons from the Forerunners, human weapons and Covenant arms.
- New darker interface, and HUD for the Master Chief.
- Smoother controls.
- Advanced enemy AI, making some firefights and battles memorable.
- Original shocks and surprises that hit new heights in Halo 4.
The Bad:
- Other than feeling like another Halo game, with a much darker tone and plot, Halo 4 gives what it promises.
Halo 4 even though made by a new company named 343 Industries, still holds on to what made the original franchise of the games, and gives us an even darker atmosphere and tone to enjoy. Halo 4 is for everyone, for fans of the original franchise and those new to the franchise.

My Score: 8.0/10